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Midnight Strikes –

Judgment Unleashed

The Holdings & Quayle Interviews


Can you feel it?  The ground under your feet has shifted.  The framework for the culmination of human history has been set.  The reality that you once knew has drastically changed – America and the world will never be the same.

The book that you now hold in your hands is a roadmap to many of the things that are occurring, or that will occur in the very near future.  This map doesn’t contain everything that will happen, but it does encompass a plethora of events and information that God Himself has chosen to release only now. 

When Steve Quayle first got saved, he physically stood before Jesus.  In a panoramic of mankind’s future, the Lord showed him many of the things that would happen during the “time of the end”.  Almost as quickly as he’d been shown them, Steve forgot most of what he saw.  However, the Lord then told him that He would bring those things back to his remembrance just before they were going to happen.  The Lord also commissioned Steve to warn God’s people about what was going to transpire at the End of the Age.  It’s now, at the penning of this book, that God has not only reminded Steve about most of those events, but the Lord has also released him to share those things with you.

In 2011 when Daniel Holdings was writing his second novel, As The Darkness Falls, he contacted Steve and asked permission to make this founder of the Prepper movement a character in his book.  Steve agreed, and the two men have been friends ever since.  In the background of his own work, Steve has often solicited Daniel’s help in the form of research, as a sounding board for a variety of issues and as a confidante.  

Jesus – The Premise of the Promise, Steve’s most recent book, was supposed to be his swan song, his final authored title in which he spoke about the thing that mattered most in life – Jesus, the King of Glory.  Yet, in the course of Daniel and Steve’s conversations, the veteran talk show host shared with Daniel that many of those End Times things which the Lord had originally showed him were now crystal clear in his mind.  Those were the things that were supposed to happen shortly before the return of the Lord.

In spite of the fact that Steve wasn’t led to write another book, at Daniel’s encouraging he agreed to speak with Daniel “on the record” about what he’s seen and to help Holdings pen a work that would clearly demonstrate how we are in the time of the end. 

This is that work.

This book captures the two men’s thoughts in a series of conversations about the End of the Age, using Steve’s visions as a launching point for greater discussions.  However, be warned: This is a blunt discussion which looks honestly at the issues of our day without filtering them through politically correct lenses.  Without modern societal biases of race, gender or political persuasion, it’s guaranteed to anger both sides of the political aisle in its brutal assessment of what’s going in America and the world.  There will be no “ears tickled” within these pages because these conversations and the supporting background information are frank and in-your-face.  The salient points are then backed up by Daniel’s own in-depth research which is extensively footnoted for further review.  At the lateness of the hour, this book is truth on steroids.  

There are three things of primary importance to remember while reading: 

First, it’s not necessarily designed as a religious book.  While that may sound strange, given that it deals with “End Times” issues, the fact is that these things ARE transpiring now.  This IS reality.  That reality affects the Christian and non-Christian alike.  If you were traveling down the road and a Christian stood by to tell you that the bridge was out, would you ignore the advice just because he’s a Christian?  Of course not.  This is a warning for anyone who will listen, and it is imperative that we prepare now, on this side of those events.  

Second, in spite of this work speaking about prophetic things, neither Daniel nor Steve would call themselves “prophets” and they certainly don’t aspire to be considered as such.  These men only want to be obedient to what the Father has shown them, and they take no credit for these truths coming to light.  However, without question, both men have spoken of things that would happen in the future, before they happened.

Third, neither Daniel nor Steve are racist or insensitive to how people feel.  However, people’s feelings, or someone’s desire for reality to conform to their own worldview, does not change what reality is.  Truth is still the truth, no matter how people feel.  Being afraid to tell the truth because of social biases is the equivalent of accepting a lie or calling good evil, and evil good.  Being afraid to accept the truth as it pertains to End Times events is tantamount to sticking your head in the proverbial sand.  These men refuse to accept or propagate a lie for the sake of expediency.  It’s way too late in mankind’s calendar to be distracted by falsehoods.

Steve would forget most of what the Lord showed him about the future, but Jesus told him that He would remind him about those things shortly before they transpired.

Those events are beginning to happen now and as a consequence, time is short.

Midnight Strikes is an alarm of God’s warning about those things that will imminently appear in our own reality.  There has never been a book quite like this one, and we dare say that there’s not enough time left for another.

Holdings and Quayle together give you unique and powerful insight into the near future.  Read this work carefully and you too will be surprised at just how far we are into the End of the Age.

Time is up – Midnight Strikes.